Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving 2015

Snow Goose 1

We are responsible for the tenor we bring to one another and the world.” Victor Villasenor

From it’s humble beginnings in 1992, noted author Victor Villasenor began the yearly tradition of celebrating and promoting peace and harmony by holding the Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving.

Scheduled each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, it is a day for people to put aside their differences and join together as a global community of people, all with the same goal in mind, Peace.

This event is open to all. Participants are asked to bring a food dish to share with others. The Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving serves as a kickoff to the holiday season of sharing. For more information you may visit

Please join us!

When: Sunday, November 22, 2015 2-5pm

Where: Greenwood Home at 27479 Lock Haven Court Temecula, CA 92591

What to bring: Appetizer, salad, main dish, or dessert

Craft: Kawaii Paper Necklace








This was a super fun craft the students made. First they started with deciding on what design they would make. Some chose anime characters, some chose fun food like donuts and sweets. After choosing what to make they colored and cut out the characters. I then had them use the black sharpie on the very edges to eliminate white sides. Next was a simple pin hole through the top, insert one small circle clasp, then attached that to the chain. We made the chains long enough to slip over the head and not need a fastener at the back. I think they turned out great. Simple craft that could be done dozens of times with different characters.
You will need:

heavy card stock paper (I used white)


colored pencils and black sharpie pens

lightweight chain ( I picked it up at Michael’s craft store)

small circle clasps

small wire pliers

Artist: Keiko Tanabe

Hakodate III

Hakodate III

Ine Kyoto Japan II

Ine Kyoto Japan II

Toji Temple Kyoto VIII

Toji Temple Kyoto VIII

Yasaka Shrine Kyoto Japan IV

Yasaka Shrine Kyoto Japan IV

Another Day, Kyoto, Japan I

Another Day, Kyoto, Japan I


I instantly fell in love with Keiko Tanabe’s work. Every little detail is simply stunning. Born in Kyoto, Japan to an art loving family, Keiko Tanabe is mainly self taught in her work. She travels all over the world painting and offers workshops in learning some of her technique. Her subjects include Japanese, Italian, French and California landscapes. Her study of figures is pretty remarkable too. If you are a watercolor artist, please go do a workshop with Keiko Tanabe. To learn more please visit


Marimekko Inspired Pumpkins

marimekko pumpkin 1

marimekko pumpkin 5

Marimekko mini Unikko print

Marimekko mini Unikko print

marimekko pumpkin 6

Marimekko Pähkinäpuu print

Marimekko Pähkinäpuu print

marimekko pumpkin 4

Marimekko Jurmo print

Marimekko Jurmo print

marimekko pumpkin 2

marimekko pumpkin

Hi! Each year I try to come up with a new pumpkin theme. This year’s are inspired by Marimekko. What I love about this Finnish brand is their bold graphic prints and punchy attitude. The prints are very much in line with the Japanese aesthetic- simple, bold, and beautiful. Last year I made these Japanese inspired pumpkins. They were super fun to make. Unfortunately, to my surprise, I was unaware that painting real pumpkins could result in them exploding. Mine didn’t explode but they started to ooze and it wasn’t pretty. So be aware of that if you are using REAL pumpkins.

These pumpkins were purchased from my local craft shop and they are made of some kind of plastic. They were originally orange so I had to prime them beforehand. I really like how they turned out!

Day Trip: Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens


New water feature and drought friendly plants




California native plants


John Audoban’s Birds of America


Interesting story on Jack London’s book “Sea Wolf”


John Muir’s “The Yosemite”


It was a beautiful day!




Goddess Olivia


Illuminated Puck- interesting this one. See how the light just hits this marble so? Only a short period of day does this piece become illuminated this way. Caught it at the perfect time!