Taking time to slow down…

beautyI love my iPhone. But I’ve started to realize that its greatest strength is also feeding a great weakness in me.  All this ability to check my email, text, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, check tomorrow’s weather and so on, is letting me go anywhere I want… except right here.

There’s a wonderful Zen retreat in Northern California called Tassajara.  There’s no cell phone reception there, and only one public phone.  It’s off the grid.  It’s on my wishlist of places to visit.  The interesting thing is that Steven Jobs, founder of Apple, the guy who created this technology clutters my life and lets me be “oh-so-not-present”… was a frequenter of Tassajara.  Somewhere inside he realized the dark side of what he created.

Our days are filled a constant stream of shuffling to-and-fro. We have places to go, things to do. Work, friends, family, and other commitments take up a good part of our day. But how much time do we take that’s all to ourselves?

I’m a busy Mom with two girls, six and eleven. We’ve homeschooled for the last four years, I help my husband with his Chiropractic practice and we have an Aikido (Japanese Martial Art) dojo. We dedicate our lives to many things. Despite the “busyness”, we make time to slow down. Aikido has it’s own time on our calendar for both us and our kids – and it’s non-negotiable.

The older I get, the more I realize it’s important to slow down. Our brains need time to process. Even when we are sleeping, our brain is processing information from the day. Slowing down gives us a chance to feel more connected to our life, more centered, more grounded. It means being less frantic and scattered. This mindset can transform every area of our life.

Aikido training let’s us plug in to what’s important.  It offers benefits like centering the mind, physical flexibility, posture, energy and relaxation- without stress.

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