Contented and Grateful

great love

Today the girls and I spent a couple of hours going through, sorting, and organizing toys (once again). My kids have a lot of toys. Having two girls we have no shortage of Barbies, Littlest Pet Shops and Lego’s (just to name a few). We had toys in the living room, their bedrooms, even our bedroom! The toys were literally spilling out from everywhere! I asked the girls if they would like to give some of their old, underplayed with toys to the Goodwill down the street. They were game, so we got started!

What struck me as we were going through the toys was how many toys we had accumulated over the years. They only played with certain toys over and over again anyways, so we found that by eliminating the toys they didn’t play with anymore we had more fun with the ones we did have. And the great part was that other kids would get to have some really nice toys to play with. By the time we were done we had filled 14 Trader Joe’s brown paper bags full of toys!

I think the girls were quite proud of themselves, giving up something to help someone else. I saw them looking through the bags again this morning before we took them to the Goodwill. I overheard Natalie say, “They are really gonna like this”. What a great lesson they are learning. Help others, do more. It really made me happy to see them being happy with less toys (and less to clean up for Mom). It’s not how much you have, but it’s how you appreciate what you don’t have and be OK.

Gratefulness is what comes to mind here. I am so grateful to have my sweet little girls and my loving husband. They are my world.

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