Asobi (to play)


I love to play. I’m a kid at heart who never really grew up. I still have a skateboard, ride my bike all over and love to play tetherball, swim and build sand castles at the beach.

When we are young, we want nothing more than to grow up…and fast. We want freedom, we want to wear makeup, stay up longer talking to friends and more. We want to grow up and be adults. My twelve year old daughter is going through this right now. She wanted makeup and clothes for her twelfth birthday- check. A party with her friends- check. An iphone 5 with Siri- no chance. Our conversation sounded like this. “My dear, please enjoy being a kid. Enjoy not having responsibilities other than keeping your room clean and helping out when asked around the house.” (Eye rolls inserted here) “When your an adult you have many responsibilities.” I told her “Let’s just play. So today we went to the beach, built a sand castle, found tiny sea stars and sea cucumbers, played in the water and splashed around. We came home with a slight sun burn but we had a great time. And I think she had a good time too, just being a kid and playing without a care in the world.

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