Ramen soup with Kabocha and Turkey

kabocha ramen

One of my favorite things to prepare is soup. Nothing warms the body and spirit like it- and I really like having some for the next day as lunch, so I usually make a big pot of what-ever I’m making.

I have only recently been doing more ramen bowls. Each one has been different, and that’s the great thing about Ramen- you can add practically anything you want. I especially liked this one I made as I added fresh kabocha squash (one of my favorites). The kids have a fun time eating Ramen because they like using chopsticks to eat it with!

You will need:

Ramen noodles

Chicken stock

kabocha squash- chopped into chunks

turkey breast- chopped into chunks

2-3 scallions- chopped

Start heating up chicken stock in pot. Chop up turkey breast and kabocha squash and put into the pot to cook. Once the stock is near boiling, add the noodles. Cook for just a few minutes. Ladle into bowls and add the chopped scallions and season with salt and pepper. Super easy! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Ramen soup with Kabocha and Turkey

  1. That looks tasty. If you only you could take food from pictures bacuase I know mine will not look or will ever taste the same.

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