Japanese Arts & Crafts Camp for kids

Making carp kites
Art and kites
Learning Anime, Manga and Chibi drawing
Getting ready for Ikebana!
Tea Ceremony
Demonstrating Ikebana
Finished products- beautiful Ikebana from the kids
Watercolor kimono's
Watercolor kimono’s
Shodo (Calligraphy)
Shodo (Calligraphy)
Zen gardens
Zen gardens
Candy sushi
Candy sushi

One of my favorite subjects is art. Any kind of art really- watercolor, pencil, woodblock even graffiti are special. The creative process really inspires me and makes me oh so happy. If you were to take a peek into our home, you would see that we always have some sort of art project in progress.

Last summer was our first Japanese Arts and Crafts Summer Camp for kids. I am a Japanophile at heart and doing a camp like this is so much fun! The kids get really into it and enjoyed doing something new.

This year we are instructing classes in:

Ikebana (flower arranging)

Shodo (Calligraphy)

Art (Anime, Manga and Chibi)

Kumihimo (braiding)

Suminagashi (marbling art)

Origami (paper art)

Japanese Lanterns

Japanese Cooking

Kokeshi dolls

Candy sushi

and so much more…

For Boys & Girls 8-13

June 16-20, 2014 (Mon-Fri) 9 am to 12 noon.

Cost (Includes snacks and all materials):

First child: $125

Siblings: $100

For more info please call (951) 440-8682 or visit GreenwoodAikido.com to learn about other classes offered.

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