Lucky Bunny

Thelma and Louise
Thelma and Louise
Liv and the bunnies
Liv and the bunnies
What a cutie
What a cutie

Meet the newest members of the family, Thelma and Louise. We adopted these sweet girls nearly a week ago and we are so happy to have them as our new house bunnies. Curious little creatures they are!

Nearly six months ago, Olivia was very persistent with us and her want/need of a new pet. We currently have a dog Ginger so we were reluctant to look into getting more animals. Olivia was determined and made a good case why we needed a bunny. She researched long hours on the computer (always passionately sharing her findings with the family), what the requirements were to have a house bunny and be a good bunny mama. Diet, care, grooming, knowing how to hold a bunny and signs when bunny might need veterinary care. She really did her homework!

So, nearly a week ago we made a visit to the Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue in Murrieta to see the kinds of bunnies that were available for adoption. We instantly fell in love with Thelma and Louise. Both bonded (bunnies do this for life), both sterilized, perfect size, litter box trained (yes, they poop and eat from the same box) and the ideal pair for our home.

Thelma and Louise were up for adoption because their previous owners decided to dump them off at a park and they had a hard time catching them- enter the story of Thelma and Louise. The girls loved that they had a story and decided to keep their names as is.

It’s so funny because these little guys sure are fun. They took a couple of days to warm up to us, and now they climb all over us! We decided that they needed their own space, so we made an extra room the bunny room. It has a two foot high fence around it when we want them to stay in their space. Twice a day (first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon) they get free reign of the upstairs to run around and explore. They have so much fun scampering about. We even planted a “bunny garden” outside on a balcony with all the fresh greens they eat daily. We love our new house bunnies!

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