Bento Box Lunch


heart shaped cucumbers
Some Bento box materials
Flower shaped carrots (we cooked them first)
Some of the “fix-ins” for the Bento box
We used small bread loaf pans as our Bento Boxes
A Bento box creation
Another Bento box example
Do you see the face on the crackers?
Beautifully crafted Bento boxes

Every Summer I teach a Japanese Arts and Crafts Camp for kids (age 8-13). This year, we created Bento box lunches. If you do a quick Google search you will find many fine examples of Bento box lunches.


It is said that the Japanese “eat with their eyes”, so it is important that the meal be visually interesting and fun. Our girls had so much fun creating these special little lunches. We used mostly fruits and vegetables in our bento, but fish, lunch meat, cheese and so on can be used as long as it can be refrigerated. Have a good time and try making your own Bento box the kids will enjoy eating!


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