Modern Kanzashi Hair Ornament

kanzashi DIY
French clip style
kanzashi DIY 7
Kimi’s pretty kanzashi hair ornament
kanzashi DIY 1
alligator and french clip style
kanzashi DIY 2
bunny comb
kanzashi DIY 3
kanzashi and jewels
kanzashi DIY 4
detail of kanzashi
kanzashi DIY 6
Hannah’s lovely hair ornament

Today, we made beautiful tsumami kanzashi hair ornaments. This style (folded flowers)- are usually made out of silk.

Our version has a modern take on this traditional craft. We used a variety of card stock paper for the base- there are so many types to choose from. Next, we glued our card stock (I suggest making templates to use) and placed it carefully onto our alligator clip and french clip barrettes. Lastly, we chose kanzashi flowers and sparkly gems to glue on. We had so much fun making these hair ornaments. Each girl had so much fun with this craft for our Summer Camp. Many told me they can’t wait for next year! As a teacher, this makes me so very happy. 🙂

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