Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments

xmas 3
Magnolia tree pods
xmas 5
xmas 1
Natalie getting it ready for glue and ribbon
xmas 2
Olivia made a Christmas tree from branches
tree 2014 6
These girls love to decorate
tree 2014 5
We glued pretty cream colored ribbon onto the pine cones
tree 2014 2
Naturally, she can almost reach the top!
tree 2014 8
Snowflake ornament
tree 2014 1
Sweet girl
tree 2014 9
Tree ornament made with cut eucalyptus branches
xmas 11
Magnolia tree pods made fancy
Dried orange slices

xmas 12

We love how it turned out!
We love how it turned out!

Every year we try to come up with a different theme for our Christmas tree. Last year we did this fun Japanese inspired tree (click here). This years tree is nature inspired. We would go for walks around our neighborhood and find pine cones (of all shapes and sizes), branches, and pods. We decided that if would be a fun little project for the girls to get crafty with. It took a couple of weeks to finish and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Wishing you and yours a special Christmas holiday full of joy and happiness!

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