Local Spotlight: The Spice and Tea Merchants

spice 1

Need a custom gift box made up?


spice 2
Looking for new recipes to try?


spice 3
I never knew there were this many different kinds of salt!


spice 4
Trying out some of the Himalayan salt


spice 5
Everything is neatly organized. The people know a lot about their products!


spice 6
Enough said: TEA WALL


spice 7
Blooming teas!


spice 9

This really is one of my favorite places to visit in Temecula. Tucked down a small alley in the Historic Down town you will find the Spice and Tea Merchants. This place has everything you need to prepare a tasty meal- spices- (think truffle salt and several different curry), spice blends- my favorites are Togarashi (a spicy Japanese blend), Jamaican Jerk (made this with it), Saugatauk Steak Rub (this makes grilling steaks extra yummy), herbs, extracts, local honey, and an amazing tea variety. I love their Bombay Chai and Cha Cha Chai. The Spice and Tea Merchants also carry a wide variety of pastas, rice and gifts. For those living outside of Temecula, The Spice and Tea Merchants offer an online shop to have their goodies shipped directly to your door. For more information, visit https://secure.spicemerchants.biz/sm/


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