Holiday Fun: Cookie Decorating Party




We made over 100 cookies!
We made over 100 cookies!
Let the fun begin!
Let the fun begin!
Vampire cookie
Vampire cookie


“Sing me a song, you’re the piano man” aka Billy Joel cookie


I’m calling this one the Billy Joe cookie (Green Day front man). Looks just like him!

This has been our yearly tradition for the last three years. The girls invite their friends over for a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. A few years ago, Olivia and Natalie asked for my husband and I to give them money to buy all of their friends gifts. While this seems like a nice sentiment, we told them that it would be better if they had all of their friends together, to share an afternoon laughing and being happy, and really, making those lasting memories and friendships. Who remembers some silly little present? Kids remember the experiences you give them and share with them. That’s what the spirit of the holiday is all about.
Let me tell you how easy and fun this is…

I send out invites a week or two before Christmas. The night before the party, a few of the girls will get together to make the dough, roll them out, use the cookie cutters and bake the cookies. Then the next day everyone comes over and just has a good time decorating their cookies.

I prepare by getting the supplies like: everything needed to make the sugar -cookies (each makes 7-10 cookies). Next, I make sure there is plenty of frosting (white, green, red), lots of different toppings (think sprinkles, red hots, coconut flakes, you name it). It’s amazing to watch the creativity flow when they decorate!

You want to be sure to use a tablecloth. Frosting is sticky once dry. Better it be on the tablecloth, then on the table. Also, those little sprinkles can roll everywhere. You definitely will need to vacuum afterwards- or you could do what I did. This last year the girls were out in the backyard under the pergola. It was pretty easy clean-up!
I hope this inspires you to throw a fun Christmas Cookie Decorating Party yourself. The holiday time of year can be stressful. It makes the kids so happy and parents enjoy a few hours to go pick out that last minute gift, take a nap, or go get a pedicure.

It’s a time for giving! Enjoy!

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