Road Trip Fun: Part 2

We just entered Oregon!
Our home for the next couple of days in Hansville, WA
Nat and Farra
Liv, Farra and Nat
We waste no time getting to exploring!
Foul Weather Bluff
Evening stroll on the beach
Our hosts Charlie and d’Arcy
Liv in her element
At Point no Point beach
I love shells!
A little break from our exploring
Point no Point Lighthouse
Nearly 100 steps- we were so active this entire trip
When in Seattle you visit the gum wall!
Paradise Valley Conservation Area
See the owl? He dive bombed us as we walked by!
So much beauty in Washington! Cant wait to visit again!

After leaving Yreka, CA, we made our way (nearly 10 hours in the car) up to Washington. We decided to see Washington first, Oregon on the last part of our road trip. My friend wanted us to come up for the 4th of July. She wanted us to see what the 4th was like. So we made it up to Hansville, WA July 3 by late afternoon. We wasted no time in getting to our exploring. It felt so good to be in Washington! 

Our first visit was to Foul Weather Bluff. We had the beach to ourselves. What an amazing place! Olivia loved it here. She’s a nature girl, just like her Mama! We visited Point no Point beach and the lighthouse. What a fun experience. Our friends took us to the best places! For the most part, we spent a lot of time in nature, and that’s what makes Washington so lovely in the summer. It really is an explorers paradise!

After a couple of days in Hansville, we took the ferry over to Seattle from Kingston to spend the last half of our visit in the city. We took the kids to Pikes Place Market, the Gum wall and just took in the sights and sounds of the city. Our remaining stay was in Bothell, WA. What a great city! It’s right next to Woodinville, known for wine produced in the region. We ate some amazing food and had a great time! One of our favorite places to visit is the Paradise Valley Conservation Area. D’Arcy and I visited here on my last trip to Seattle and its one of my favorite places. So much green! We hiked here for a couple of hours, had a nesting owl swoop down on us- that was pretty exciting. Olivia spotted it hanging in a tree down the path. We stopped to watch it, it just eyed us. Finally, it swooped down on us. Another hiker told us he had lost a few hats by the owls swooping down on him. This time of year the owls become territorial and confront hikers. The owl just didn’t want us in its space.

It was Liv and Nat’s first time to Washington. We had an amazing time visiting with our friends, so much fun packed in! Can’t wait to go back! Stay tuned to see our last destination- beautiful OREGON!


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