Heather Greenwood

Hi, I’m Heather. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, create fun content and inspire others.

I’m an Unschooling Mom, Culinarian,  Artist,  Mother and Wife.  To be honest, I am a Japanophile at heart.  I have practiced Aikido for nearly half of my life. Through my love of Japanese culture, I hope to inspire others to make their own world a more beautiful and contented place.

I live in Temecula, California — known for it’s beautiful wine country- with my husband, Philip, and our two daughters, Olivia and Natalie. Other areas of interest include travel, crafting and  gardening.


For inquiries please email heathergreenwood@verizon.net


One thought on “Heather Greenwood

  1. Dear Heather, I too homeschool, and my last (4th) child, James, has a great interests in all things Japanese as well! We were searching for an art class, specifically manga or anime, and we found you! James’ older brother Nick is currently attending college in Escondido, so when we found how close Temecula is, we were very excited. Nick will be out of school for that week (his school is on a quarter system), so it would be perfect timing. My mother in law has also asked to visit her last sibling who lives in Fullerton (they are both in their 80s). We live in Oklahoma City, and this would be a great family vacation for us. We were wondering if James could participate in your class. He turned 14 in February, but he is very good at helping with younger children, very disciplined and polite. We participate in a homeschool co-op that is all ages (once a week). James has his (junior) green belt in American Kempo Karate, so he is very obedient. He loves art, and also loves playing music from Studio Ghibli (on piano), as well as watching the movies with his brother (who is developing video games). You can email me at jaj_108@live.com. Sincerely, Jo Joyce

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